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For Locksmith Services in Enfield And All Your Security Needs

Qualified professionals. A service for every occasion. A huge range of upgrade and replacement systems and parts. When you need a security expert or a locksmith in Enfield, Tanner's Locksmiths makes them easy to find…

We’ve got them all here under one roof!

How to Get What You Want

Simply give us a call at your convenience. Need help in an emergency? We can usually:

  • Be there within the hour
  • Provide everything you need on the spot
  • Advise you what to do in the meantime!

Just get in touch and tell us about the problems you’re having with your security. We work in both commercial properties and domestic homes with equal ease. And we can provide free advice and recommendations to tell you what to do next so you’re not left out in the cold.

We provide our security and locksmith services across the Enfield area, so wherever you’re based simply give us a call and tell us what you need from us. There’s not a lot that we can’t help you with when it comes to the security of your property…

What We Can Do For You

What do you need? Get the assistance you want from any of our huge range of options:

  • Professional locksmith services – fixing, repairing and installing locks of all kinds
  • Helping you when you’re locked out or have a broken key
  • Door upgrades, repairs and replacements
  • Installing CCTV systems
  • Fitting access control and intercom systems
  • Fitting security grilles and bars
  • Working as an emergency auto locksmith
  • Opening safes and other secure containers you’ve been locked out of

Get Quality You Can Rely On

It all comes down to the combination of staff, support and a serious commitment to quality of service:

  • Every individual on our team is highly trained, experienced and fully qualified
  • You’re covered by a six-month guarantee without being charged for it
  • Full employer’s and public liability insurance protect you and our staff while they work
  • All locksmith services are carried out to the BS3621 standard on locks
  • We meet and defeat all other industry measures of quality

Book an Appointment That Fits in With Your Schedule

It’s never a bad time to call! We…

  • Will provide you with a free quote on demand
  • Don’t oblige you to use our services afterwards
  • Work seven days a week without charging you extra
  • Are ready to help and keep our phone lines staffed 24 hours a day, every day – so call now!