The Latest CCTV Fitting Services in Enfield

Closed Circuit camera systems represent a great investment in terms of both deterrent and security value. Get CCTV fitting services in Enfield from us when you want to get a system that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of your property. An electrical security specialist will be handling all of the installation and design of your system for you.

Fitting Your System

When our experts are fitting your CCTV system they’ll work in a logical, careful manner to ensure you get full coverage:

  1. They’ll meet with you onsite first to assess lines of sight and other dead zones which might present difficulties
  2. If you need any advice regarding which system will provide the best coverage, they can provide it
  3. You’ll then get a quote on getting the work done, or for single camera or smaller systems we can proceed to immediate installation
  4. Your final appointment can take place at whatever day and time is best for you

Your Choice of System Type

We deal with all of the top manufacturers and suppliers of CCTV systems. You’ll always be able to find something to match your needs:

  • A wired camera system which is difficult to disrupt
  • Wireless camera systems for easy installation
  • Dummy and fake cameras for deterrent value only
  • Smart systems which are keyed to movement and other factors
  • High definition systems which produce images which can be used to identify individuals in court

Ensuring Quality in Your CCTV Installation Services in Enfield

Closed Circuit Television and other monitoring devices are going to play a huge role in defending your property against intruders. For this reason, you’ll need to be sure of the quality of the installation work you have done:

  • The technicians planning and installing your CCTV in Enfield are qualified and experienced specialists
  • Insurance cover is provided for the entire duration of the time you’re getting your services from us
  • Get a full guarantee that protects your installation for a period of six months after you have it carried out
  • We meet all of the industry’s standards in terms of quality – and provide Quality Assurance procedures too

Making Your Appointment Happen at a Convenient Time

Even though the fitting of CCTV systems is usually planned in advance, we still offer the same kind of convenience with this service that you always get from us:

  • Meet with a professional onsite to discuss your plans without obligation
  • Ask for a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your system before you agree to go ahead
  • Weekday and weekend appointments both provided without additional fees
  • Get in touch to discuss your booking or ask any questions you might have 24 hours a day, any day