One Easy Solution For Door Installation in Enfield

Get any kind of door installation you need in Enfield with zero fuss or hassle. We offer a wide selection of different doors and dooring options made from a variety of different materials.

Whether it’s damage to your current door or a well-planned upgrade that you’re after, we provide the hassle-free door fitting you need.

How We Work

Give us a call and tell us what you need. We’ll thenbe able to instantly arrange your door fitting service, or send round a professional to check out your situation and advise you as required.

  1. We always remove your old door and take it away for safe disposal
  2. Your new door will alwaysbe measured and any upgrades or replacements made to the fittingbefore installation
  3. Installation goes ahead
  4. We install the locking system you’ve selected
  5. Your door is rigorously tested to ensure it’s fitted safe and sound

The Types of Doors We Can Install For You

No matter what your requirements in terms of security or aesthetics, we can meet them. We have an extensive range of doors and work with many of the industry’s leading suppliers to continually supplement our range. You can choose:

  • Our highly recommended uPVC doors – sturdy and resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing wooden and faux wooden doors
  • Security doors and heavy-duty doors
  • Fireproof doors and many other speciality options

Counting on the Quality You Receive Every Time

We know that – with the security of your property on the line – you’ll want tobe absolutely sure that you can rely on the quality you receive. Here’s how we make sure of it:

  • A complete six-month guarantee included as standard with all of our door installation services
  • Employer’s and public liability insurance cover provided for your peace of mind
  • Training and qualifications of all staff arebackedby an intensive hiring process
  • The BS3621 British Standard is always met in our work – as are all other industry standards

Getting the Door Fitting You Need in Enfield

We know that you can end up needing a replacement door without much warning. So:

  • Request a free quote on your door fitting in Enfield without obligation
  • Services on offer seven days a week – none of which cost you any extra
  • Short notice appointments available for those real emergencies!
  • 24/7booking and information support! Call us whenever you need to find out more or set up your service