The Simple Way to Get Security Grill Fitting in Enfield

Upgrade the security of your home or your workplace with a subtle defensive grill or heavy duty security grilles. Our Enfield service is designed to work with your requirements in terms of both security and aesthetics – we’ll always have the grill fitting option that’s perfectly suited to the demands of your property and the look you want to achieve.

How Your Grill Fitting Will Happen

Once you’ve gotten in touch we’ll be able to provide any further information you might need. The usual first step is to arrange for one of our advisers to come and meet you and talk to you about your plans in person. Once you’re happy, your main service can go ahead.

  1. We start by assessing the dimensions of the spaces you want to protect
  2. Groundwork is undertaken – fitting of hinges and other works
  3. Your grill is fitted
  4. Intensive testing and demonstration phase – we check your grill and make sure you know how it works

The Types of Security Grilles We Fit

Choose from an extensive range of options:

  • Retractable grilles featuring pull-back, concertina and railed varieties
  • Fixed grilles, with everything from light bars to aesthetically pleasing patterns on offer
  • Heavy duty grilles for serious property protection.

Trusting the Quality of Service We Provide

Upgrading the security of your property is the sort of job where you need to be able to trust the professionals you’re hiring to do it 100%…

  • Peace of mind starts with our insurance protection – we provide full employer’s and public cover
  • We guarantee the work we provide for six months after installation
  • Security grill installation in Enfield, or anywhere else, is something you need to be fully trained in order to do – we are!
  • All industry quality standards – as well as our own rather higher ones – are met, and then checked by our Quality Assurance team

Organising Your Security Grill Installation in Enfield

Security grill fitting services are usually booked in advance, but we don’t think that’s any reason to stop providing the usual convenience we offer with all of our work:

  • Get an obligation-free consultation at your property before you confirm your service
  • Ask for a free quote on your service without any commitment to hiring us
  • Appointments on offer throughout the week, Monday through Sunday
  • Get an expert dispatched to you on short notice – we can often be there in an hour or less
  • Round-the-clock support comes with all of our services – contact us 24/7!